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What is FOREX?

FOREX is an acronym used for Foreign Exchange. It is the largest, most liquid market in the world, with more than $4 trillion traded daily. Banks, institutions, and individuals trade all currencies in the world 24 hours a day starting Sunday night and ending Friday night.

What we OFFER?

We offer many industry-leading options not found anywhere else, such as live trading and chatroom, weekly and daily signals, detailed FOREX Academy and options to become a funded trader, and so much more. One of the biggest benefits for new and experienced traders is the network of league traders. We will always be available to assist with any questions, uncertainties, and performance advancing coaching. There is no better source for those looking to trade seriously in the FOREX Market


Robust FOREX educational Academy that has taken thousands of hours to create. If you’re serious about your FOREX trading you’re going to get a large amount of value out of this. There are on-demand, live, and written course materials which enable you to learn in any format you prefer.


Financial Freedom starts here. Strategic Trading League has been trusted by many investors due to our stability, security, and risk management techniques. Allow our professionals to use their macroeconomic expertise and quantitative research capabilities to generate profits for you.

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